Welcome to Flics a social club for Stoke, Combe and neighbours

Welcome to Flics (Forging Links In Combe and Stoke). This club was set up in late 2013 as a social club which could show films  to members from the villages of Combeinteignhead and Stokeinteignhead and surrounding areas. The committee comprises Richard Stackhouse – Chairman, Kate Templeton – Secretary, Bernard Stanley – Treasurer, Maurice Warwick and Geoff Setter- techie/projectionist, Paul & Jenny Rainbow and Chris Raines. In January 2015 we decided to add some foreign films to our programme and Helen Chessum joined the team to facilitate this. Sadly in March 2105 we lost Richard Stackhouse and he will be greatly missed.

At the AGM on September 25th 2015 we added Lesley Stanley and Helen Chessum to the Committee and changed the film dates from the last Friday of the month to the first Friday. We also now include 3 foreign films  in our annual programme. Sadly during 2016 we lost one of our projectionists Maurice Warwick who was one of our loyal members.

During 2016 we purchased a new projection and sound system which we hope will help the ‘hard of hearing’ to enjoy the films. The system has 5 speakers placed around the room to give ‘all round sound’. This purchase was enabled by grant from our local councillor Chris Clarence.



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One Response to Welcome to Flics a social club for Stoke, Combe and neighbours

  1. mikemock says:

    Great FLICS site Kate!

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